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Help Eliminate Bad Code

The Bad Code Offsets project is an attempt to get programmers to put money into open source software. We may not be able to change the bad code we have written. Instead we can buy an offset that goes towards creating more good code.

Bad code lives on well past the time we inflicted those bad lines into the global code base. Applications continue to live their lives serving businesses, consumers and the global community at large. Bad code weakens the utility delivered by these applications causing business loss, user dissatisfaction, accidents, disasters and, in general, sucks limited resources towards responding to the after effects of bad code rather than toward the common good.

They have just made a $500 grant to the GPSd project, which aims to shield developers from the idiosyncracies of integrating each GPS device available.

How often do you use open source software. How often have you contributed, either by submitting code or donating money? My gut feeling is that at least 95% of developers haven't done either. The 10 USD I donated will be going to the Apache software foundation. The apache webserver has been at the base of nearly every project I've worked on and will be for a long time to come.