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2 Points to Remember When Interviewing Developers

  • Sell your company. Tell a story. Where you have come from and where you are going. Why the position is so important to continuing that story. What technical challenges are the company facing. Keep it interesting and relevant to the position. You want everyone who comes for an interview to want to work for you. Even if the person is not right for the job, word of mouth amongst potential employees is a great tool for getting people through the door.
  • Qualify the applicant. Ask hard questions and let them prove their knowledge. Most of the enjoyment you can receive from a job is through co-workers. One of the concerns a job seekers will have is the quality of their future co-workers. By showing that you are screening out lazy, boring and unqualified people, the person will feel more comfortable about taking the job. Instead of wondering if the company will be good enough for them, they will start to wonder if they are good enough for the company. It also puts a level of expectation on the applicant which is a good place to start the work relationship.